Kerala Lottery Ticket Structure

kerala lottery ticket on the front side (the ticket shown is of the vishu bumper lottery 2013)


Lottery Number

this is known as either lottery number or draw number. this consists of a two character short alphabetic code for identifying the lottery name and a number for showing the number of draw ie BR-31 shows that it is a 31st draw of the bumper lottery series., RN-70 means 70 th draw of the pournami lottery.

Ticket Number & barcode

The ticket number and barcode is printed in the bottom right side of each ticket as in figure. The ticket number normally includes a 2 character preceding alphabetical code known as series code and a six digit numeric number. For normal lotteries there will be five series. Now to increase the stock for some of the bumper lotteries, lottery ticket in six series are available. Do not tamper the barcode near the ticket, since the barcode is used to read while checking the ticket for genuinity through the software while giving prize payment.

Counter foil number

as you can see in the figure,the counterfoil number is tore in the middle and the balance part is in the counterfoil which is kept at the district office from there, the ticket is sold to the agent. this will be used for verification with counterfoil match at the time of prize payment in case of higher prizes.

Secret Code & bar code

each ticket number has the corresponding secret code. this is used for verification while prize payment. the thing is that the secret code only knows to the person who bought the ticket. so forging a ticket and duplication of winning ticket can be easily found using bar code reader and matching the secret code and ticket bar code.

The back side of the lottery ticket.


Counter foil seal

the use of counter foil seal is as the same as the counterfoil number explained above. as you can see it is printed seal and not manual seal.

Agents Seal

the seal of the agents is a must and you should check it after buying the ticket. if there is no agents seal which contains agent name and a valid agency code,if not ,there will be problem in getting prize money from the district office. so please check when buying the ticket.

Terms and conditions.

terms and conditions is printed on the back side of the ticket.

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List of Lottery Results Available

  1. AKSHAYA LOTTERY Results(455 Nos)
  2. WIN-WIN LOTTERY Results(448 Nos)
  3. KARUNYA LOTTERY Results(443 Nos)
  4. POURNAMI LOTTERY Results(407 Nos)
  5. KARUNYA PLUS LOTTERY Results(336 Nos)
  6. STHREE SHAKTHI LOTTERY Results(233 Nos)
  9. POOJABUMPER 2020 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  10. THIRUVONAM BUMPER 2020 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  11. MONSOON BUMPER 2020 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  12. SUMMER BUMPER 2020 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  13. CHRISTMAS NEW YEAR BUMPER 2019-2020 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  14. POOJABUMPER 2019 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  15. THIRUVONAM BUMPER 2019 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  16. MONSOON BUMPER 2019 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  17. Vishu Bumper 2019 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  18. Summer Bumper 2019 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  19. X'MAS NEW YEAR BUMPER 2018-19 (BR-65) LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  20. THIRUVONAM BUMPER 2018 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  21. POOJA BUMPER 2018 LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
  22. NAVAKERALA LOTTERY Results(1 Nos)
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